Taking Monday Speedlinking to the Next Level


As lot of you know, I read a lot. I have a huge collection of ebooks (right now trying to get them on my GoodReads account), and everytime I move, what takes the longest time to transport? You’ve guessed it – my books.

But books are just the one part of how I grow and expand my knowledge. The other one is a quite a huge list of blogs I follow under my Feedly account. Whenever I read something that I believe is worth sharing – I do so on Twitter.

Back in 2012 I came up with an idea – wouldn’t it save my friends’ and followers’ time if I hand-picked a small number, let’s say – 5, articles I considered as the best of the best in the passing week?

That’s how Monday Speedlinking was born. I’ve got on a GetResponse and started sending those emails every Monday morning. Of course, during the years it sometimes didn’t work out as it should, so from time to time, I’ve been sending those newsletters in the evening or on Tuesdays, but the main idea remained the same.

This year I started thinking: The articles I share are always in English. Why do I send them to my friends in Poland only? That’s why from now on, I’m fine-tuning the formula, and MSL will be sent out in English entirely.

So, if you’d like to jump on this train – feel free to do so. Here’s the form: just type your name and email address and I’ll be sending you an email (hopefully) every single monday morning. Oh, and one important things: no promo offers, no other notifications and nothing. Just the articles I found useful, thought-provoking or just simply inspiring. If you don’t like it – unsubscribe anytime, no question asked. But I think it’s worth a shot since this list is growing and growing.

So, see you on the other side!



Am I really so vain?


I use Evernote as my main bookmarking tool. I used to use delicious for many years, but let it go quite a while ago when is started be to complicated in my search for simplicity.

Anyways, lately I noticed I’d rather tweet about something useful I found instead of adding a tagged bookmark in my Evernote account.

Don’t get me wrong, I love evernote. But at the same time I don’t want to double the effort, so I just tweet and later on I go through my own twitter account in order to find something I need.

I just felt like googling my self again and again, but instead of reading Google search results I read my own tweets.

If somebody sees it, and doesn’t know why am I doing that, it’s like vanity in its purest form.

Anyways, if you’d like to see my bookmarks – mostly on personal development and hacking the social media –  join my 60,000+ followers at http://twitter.com/ludwikc

The Art of Starting Small


The most frustrating quality of a perfectionist  is the time they take to show their ideas to the world. Despite the quality of their final work, they are too obsessed with how far from perfection it is and therefore cannot be exposed to the day light.

In some cases I have to say I really am one of them.

I’ve been working with my clients as a coach and trainer for over 8 years now. I have a great circle of 60,000+ followers on twitter, and just building up another circle – this time on my google+ profile.

But I never blogged.

Well, that’s not quite true. I did and I do blog, but I do that in Polish and more in a just-for-fun manner instead of creating fully professional resource of my 8+ years of experiences as a coach.

And here we are – I, a real perfectionist when it comes to building websites, am starting a new blog. Without spending months to create it, without logo, without all the sparkly parallax magic on. Just pure content, no fluff.



Destination: Success

Going through: Hard Work Hills and Leisure Islands.

Leaving: NOW.

Jump in and join me!